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1.     What are the benefits to register on Sewing Bazar?


Sewing Bazar is the marketplace to promote the solution of sourcing to the Garments/Textile industry. It helps to provide the access of products for domestic and internationally. Initially we are focusing the Pakistan’s market as it is the 8th largest Textile exporter in the world. And it generates the 57% of the revenue to its economy.


We are introducing the E commerce B2B portal to facilitate the Apparel/Textile Industry by listing down and promote the local and overseas supplier/wholesalers/ traders who are willing to do work at an ease without facing the traditional hurdles.


Sewing Bazar is about to promote the sourcing for Apparel/Textile/ equipments/parts/accessories by using the Cross border shipments through our online B2B portal from China, Japan, and other supplier countries as well. For this we will provide the 3PL services to the vendors/ suppliers and the end consumers as well.


We will facilitate the readymade products exporters to the international market which will be covered in the next phase after 3 years.


2.     How Sewing Bazar.com can market the seller’s products?


Sewing bazaar will use the Google Chrome, social media, Whatsapp, Linkedin to market the products and make it accessible to the reach to right buyer.


Sewing Bazar will also target the other territories to make the marketplace more accessible to the wholesale and retail buyer.


Sewing Bazar will also participate the exhibitions and that is more suitable to attract more buyer to be the part of Sewing Bazar.


Similarly Sewing Bazar will also focus the Trade Journals, Magazines and other Government and Semi Government organizations to market it platform.


 3.     How logistics can be handled?


After completing the Check out procedure, there will an option “How to Ship”


Overseas shipments will be handled by the 3rd part logistics.

3rd party Logistics Company will cover all the By Sea and By Air shipments.


All shipments will be paid by the Buyer.


By Sea shipments are LCL and will complete its shipping process more than 40 days.


By Air shipments will complete its shipping process about 10 to 15 days probably.


Local shipments within Pakistan will be handling by the 3rd party logistics company.


Supplier will have to pack the parcel and Courier Company will collect and send parcel to the designated place.


Local shipments will take about 2 to 3 days without considering the Sunday. As Sunday is the holiday in Pakistan. Other days like religious Ashora, Eid and as well as the days on which strikes and other not suitable situations.

4.     How Sewing Bazar.com can protect the Seller data?


  • Sewing Bazar will keep the customer and supplier data in confidential. And this data will not miss used.
  • These data will only be used for the promotion of new products and services offered to the customers. 


5.      How 3rd party logistics can handle the international shipments?


  • International shipments by air will take a week or so
  • International shipments by sea will take 30 – 60 days
  • Shipping payment should be paid by customer who enables to receive without any delay.
  • Shipping includes the Custom Duty, Income tax, Sales tax, Fed Charges, Additional sales tax
  • Custom & Government charges might be change without any prior notice by Government of Pakistan. And additional payments should be paid by customer.
  • Logistic company will handle the shipments and deliver the Goods to the Customer’s door step.
  • Logistics Company will require the Invoice and Packing list from the suppliers and collect goods from them.
  • If the wrong products delivered to the customer, then it is very difficult to send back to the overseas supplier. In that case it will take more than 30 days to return the products to the suppliers.


6.     If parcel lost or mishandle by the logistics company, how situation will be resolved?

If parcel or goods lost or mishandle during the shipment, then Logistics Company will be responsible to pay the claim according to the value of Import document.


7.     Copy rights and Trademark


  • Sewing Bazar is the property of A.W.Enterprises  and has rights in Pakistan. Copyrights and Trademark (524935) are gazette in the IPO Pakistan.
  • Sewing Bazar keeps the rights to work in Pakistan Territory.
  • Under the marketplace of Sewing Bazar , suppliers have limited rights to use the name of Sewing Bazar only for showcase their products.
  • Sewing Bazar Logo and Name is the property of A.W.ENTERPRISES.


 8.         Terms and Conditions

  • Buyers Terms


I.           The buyer will sign up the account and can seek the required products. If products are unavailable, then buyer can use the RFQ (Request For Quotation).

II.           Buyer will need to provide the data like Full Name, Email , Mobile number , Address and ID card number.

III.          Buyer can select multiple of products and “ADD TO CART” and then Check out.

IV.          Buyer can search the products by using the “Search Bar”

V.           Buyer can claim the wrong products to the admin by providing the details

VI.          No claim will be acceptable, if product is used or damaged or broken.

VII.         The wrong product will be return within 7 days after receiving it

VIII.        Buyer can review the remarks and give the ratings to the seller.

IX.          If buyer needs to cancel the order, then buyer has to contact Admin for cancel the order.

X.           Buyer can buy the products on both wholesale and retail.

XI.          Buyer will not claim the return of imported items unless the wrong product shipped.

XII.         Buyer has the option to Ship its Goods by ourselves or by its own.

XIII.        If buyer selects to buy through Sewing Bazar, then our shipping agent will contact and send the details of Customs Duty / Clearance expenses and expected date of Arrival of Goods.

XIV.        Shipping company will also offer the By Air or By Sea Shipments.

XV.         All by sea shipments are LCL and will be deliver to the buyers about 40 days or more

XVI.        If buyer wants to ship its Goods by its own, the Sewing Bazar will no more responsible of wrong shipment and as well as wrong products suppliers by the supplier. No more claims will be entertained anymore.


  • Seller Terms


I.           Seller will need to sign up the account before uploading the products.

II.          Seller will need to provide the Full name, Address, Mobile Number, Email, Id card number, and as well as store name.

III.         After signup the account, the Admin will review the required details and allow the seller to start doing business on Sewing Bazar.

IV.         Seller will also have the website link after confirming from the Sewing Bazar. Like (https://www.sewingbazar.com/abccompany)

V.          Seller from Pakistan can sell the products to the buyers in Pakistan.

VI.         Seller from overseas can also sell their products by using the same procedures of sign up.

VII.        Seller has to give claim to the buyer, if wrong products shipped to buyer. And these wrong products can be replaced within 30 days.

VIII.       If seller is unable to give claim of wrong products then, seller’s store will be closed temporarily until the situation resolves.

IX.         If seller still doesn’t agree to provide claim then the seller’s store will be closed permanently. And the seller’s payments will be freeze.

X.          Seller will definitely need to describe the products made place. This will help to understand the buyer to buy things without any hesitation.

XI.         Each seller can upload the 500 items at the time of sing up.

XII.        If seller need more space then, seller has to send request to the Admin and admin will allow the space.

XIII.       Seller can sell the products related to apparel equipments/parts, Textile parts/accessories, leather products/equipments Embroidery equipments/parts Fabric. Apart from these items will not be considered to upload on Sewing Bazar.

XIV.       Seller can sell the products on both wholesale and Retail.

XV.        Seller will add the 0.6% Sales Tax and 10% Sewing Bazar commission on their product cost. Shipping cost is excluded from the original cost.

XVI.       Branded products that are registered to the specific seller and company can claim their copyrights if other sellers use to sell their products without their permissions. In that case other seller’s store will be closed and will allow selling the products.

XVII.      Seller has to provide the packing and Invoice details to the Shipping Company after the successful order completion.

XVIII.     Shipping company will collect the Goods at the Seller’s premises and arrange the shipment for the Buyer.